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Crowdfunding Finished On Deadline (11-11-2020)

This innovation is an optional accessory that is used in conjunction with the mask and hopes to make your life a little easier from now on:

  • It will give you a layer of air that will allow you to breathe and speak better.

  • You will be able doing sports almost without noticing that you are wearing a mask.

  • It will keep your skin more protected and released.

You can use it with your mask at:

  • Your work, school, institute or university …

  • At the supermarket, at the checkout or at shopping malls…

  • In the gym and crowded places, bars, public transport …

  • To play sports in the city and avoid pollution …

  • For hospital and geriatric …

  • Where you want it to go a mask for hours without a break …

  • And especially where you have to speak and talk, you’ll see, it will make it easier for you …

Buy it once and have it forever:

  • Washes and dries almost instantly (soap and water).

  • Contains no plastic, nor does it contribute to leaving a carbon footprint. It is ecological (high grade silicone).

  • Hypoallergenic, anti proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms.

  • You can even boil it to sanitize it to the maximum (like a baby pacifier).

  • Reusable and very long use (with intensive daily use is recommended to change before 3 years). It is a long shelf life, so remember that you can always save it for when you need it again or have it for specific situations where you wear a mask.

  • (Ref.Web: 111020-ACS)